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  • Burlington County Personal Injury Attorneys

    Personal Injury 101 There are many reasons why you might need a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys specialize in helping people who have suffered personal damage as a result of the negligence of others. They use their knowledge and experience of civil law to establish liability and argue on behalf of their clients’ rights to compensation.  If you have been the victim of another’s…

  • Injured by A Product?

    How Our Product Liability Lawyers Can Help When a product that you purchase and use is dangerous and ends up causing injury or harm, you need the help of experienced product liability lawyers. Product liability refers to a specific area of the law that deals with products that are defective in the way that they were designed or manufactured, or deficient in the information and…

  • How A Camden County Accident Lawyer Will Help You Receive Justice

    Car Accidents in Camden County When somebody says that something that happened was an accident, it generally means that nobody was to blame and that what occurred could not have been prevented. But when it comes to car accidents, things are generally not so blameless.  Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident or any other type of vehicular…

  • New OSHA Rule for 2015

    New OSHA rules are showing employer responsibility and helping researchers to identify high-risk workplaces.

  • Nursing Home Abuse: It’s not a “One Size Fits All” Legal Solution

    Nursing home abuse and other forms of elder abuse are all too real in American communities. Thousands of seniors are threatened in various ways by dishonest individuals who seek to steal from them, harm them or dominate them through an exercise of power. But one thing that is important to understand is that elder abuse does not appear in just one form. Families who rely…

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