• Be Aware Downtown

    In many parts of the country, some individuals have somewhat of an aversion to urban areas. For many, there is the idea that the city is inherently frightening or stressful, and many people make detours to specifically avoid entering downtown areas.  Still, there is a lot of attraction to certain downtown areas in cities and towns of all sizes, as these municipalities work to welcome visitors with high-profile events or attractive commercial areas, all of which make downtown areas feel like “common spaces” for many citizens.

    There are Real Risks in Downtown Areas

    Slip and fall lawyers know that there are some specific risks people face in busy urban areas. Many of them are related to crowd control and situations where dense populations make it harder for property and business owners to monitor and accommodate public safety.

    For instance, consider a roadwork project as an example. When there is a slight trickle of traffic, and very few pedestrians, a relatively simple set of safeguards can make a project safer. A few traffic cones and caution tape might be all that is needed. However, safeguarding a project is much more difficult when space is at a premium, when a massive amount of traffic comes to a halt in an area during rush hour, where pedestrians weave in and out of traffic and where there just is not enough space for individuals to detour around project areas.

    The same idea applies to many aspects of public safety. For instance, a minor safety issue on an individual’s private property can remain unknown for a long period of time in a place where there is no access to public transit, as well as in areas where unauthorized visitors are taking shortcuts to get to a different location. In downtown areas, even backyards are often areas of liability and public planners often scrutinize individual properties, for example, by making blanket ordinances on sidewalk safety, grass and weeds, upkeep and more. Dilapidated buildings are rarely allowed to stand, which makes the landscapes of America’s downtowns look decidedly different from its world scenery.

    Be Safe

    It is important to note that hazards in rural areas are not acceptable just because they do not trigger liability. They should still be fixed. The difference is that in terms of practicality, the same hazards can be “more dangerous” in urban spaces because they are in proximity to so many people.

    The foundation for public safety in downtown spaces is a combination of public awareness and individual responsibility. Local governments and businesses must work together to create safe and accessible spaces for people to do business, entertain themselves or otherwise spend quality time. Many personal injury cases can be traced back to third-party responsibility where negligence or inattention to public safety played a role.

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