• Are There Too Many Medical Malpractice Cases?

    Lately, there has been a fair amount of talk about medical malpractice being a cost driver in modern medicine. You often hear such opinions on AM radio, television and/or the Internet. In fact, some politicians like to point to medical malpractice law as something that puts inordinate cost on health care providers, pushes up medical care costs and generally puts pressure on the system. But that is not even close to giving people the full picture, and it is really a huge mischaracterization of some of the larger problems we face as a nation.

    What Are the Real Cost Drivers?

    That type of analysis typically leaves out the other major factors that are really behind the high cost of hospital and facility care, as well as other kinds of health care in the 21st century.

    For example, the use of complicated charge master systems by larger providers is well-documented. Additionally, consumer advocates are well aware of other types of practices that increase patient financial responsibility, such as the use of out-of-network physicians or medical professionals in a facility care system.

    In general, contractual agreements with insurance companies allow providers to get away with charging extremely high rates, and when government offices or advocates actually look at the costs, they are amazed. All of this leads to a system where medical bankruptcies are out of control, even for some individuals with insurance.  Providers are having a more difficult time collecting major amounts of revenue, which leads them to scramble to improve insurance verification and press patients for payment.

    None of these things concern medical malpractice, but as an easy scapegoat, people will point to tort reform as a solution for bringing down medical costs.

    Representing the Victims

    While it can be convenient to look at medical malpractice suits as simply something that is expensive for the rest of us, for a family that has been devastated by a medical mistake or medical malpractice injury, a medical malpractice case is a basic right under the law, as well as a major consolation to those who must pay for the high costs of care and recovery.

    You cannot tell the family of someone injured in a hospital or medical facility that the settlements they are seeking are simply too high. Instead, the system has built in medical malpractice laws as a way to protect families from situations beyond their control.  Comprehensive medical malpractice law provides individuals and households with a way to get justice after someone is harmed or injured by improper care or other provider mistakes. Experienced Marlton medical malpractice attorneys can help locals to fight back when a medical mistake threatens their future.

    Getting Help From an Attorney

    In southern New Jersey, residents can get help from the medical malpractice attorneys at Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, LLC. We will look carefully at your medical malpractice injury case to determine reasonable ways to move forward under New Jersey law. Let us help you understand your legal rights in trying times.

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