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    Are Pickup Trucks, SUVs, or Sedans Safer on the Road?

    American car buyers have so many choices available to them. From tiny compact cars to enormous SUVs, from sleek sedans to powerful pick-up trucks, the question of what to buy is determined by your priorities. If your choice is driven by questions of safety rather than seating capacity, you may find yourself struggling to figure out which is more likely to keep you from being hurt in a car accident. That’s because comparisons between each type of vehicle body are hard to make.

    The first thing that you need to know is that every type of vehicle has seen improvement in their safety statistics over the last several years. Small cars are safer than they used to be, and so are pickup trucks. Still, there are a few things that you can take away from examining car accident statistics, and one of the most important of these is that larger vehicles that are heavier tend to be safer than small ones. This shouldn’t be a surprise – the bigger and heavier a vehicle is, the better it is able to withstand a crash and protect those who are inside. Not only do larger vehicles provide more protection in a car accident — they are also going to prevail when in an accident with a lighter smaller car.

    Still, one of the most important factors when gauging how safe a vehicle is likely to be in a car accident is whether or not it is equipped with modern safety features. Having airbags and electronic stability control make such a big difference that a more appropriate safety question may focus on the age of a car and the availability of high-tech safety equipment, though it remains true that some pickup trucks remain more dangerous than sedans: this is because their construction simply doesn’t allow them to withstand a crash as well. Pickup trucks have higher centers of gravity which make them more vulnerable to rollovers. They also tend to be made of heavier materials that are not as likely to crumple in a collision. Though some might think this contributes to safety, it actually transfers the force of the impact of a car accident back into the compartment where the driver and other passengers are seated.

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